This is Future aka Janaya Khan from She sees the big picture. Shout to Canada. I know it's long but seriously watch the whole thing.#Justice4Jamar#BlackLivesMatter#OneMinneapolis? More like...#Taleof2Cities#WheresBetsy#FireBobKKKroll#4thPrecinctShutdownEmergencyRally#NoJusticeNoPeace#CityHallShutdown✊🏽

Posted by Corydon Nilsson on Thursday, 3 December 2015

Janaya Khan sees the big picture #ThisIsFuture #BlackLivesMatter

Lieverdje Actueel, Wat we lezen, Wat we zien

When one understands the the ruling powers have their many manifestations and a megafold of suffering groups, ethnicities, clans, states, workers, homeless, stateless and slaves all around the world. When one sees the decline of the state and the rise of the kapitalist tiranny of the wannahavemores. When one does so with clear sight, without fear and with love, pride and the will to fight for humanity.

One can show the world where to come together to win.

This video shows the power of the people, through an inspiring and radiant Janaya Khan.